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Why Me?

Conducting and Teaching Experience

As a choral conductor and teacher, I have worked with ensembles and classrooms of diverse ages and goals. Two of my clinical placements at UA were in elementary music classrooms at Verner Elementary and Skyland Elementary. I taught lessons regarding beat, pianos, rhythm, solfa, and Orff instruments to classes K-5 at both schools. During my junior year of college, I taught K-5 Music at First United Methodist Church Tuscaloosa. My high school placements were all at Tuscaloosa County High School, where I taught lessons about affect, dynamic contrast, and diction. I worked as a Local Substitute Teacher for Millard Public Schools in Nebraska in 2020 and 2021.

In the form of leading sectionals and rehearsals in University Singers (audition based top choir) and University Chorus, as well as conducting UA’s Chamber Choir, I have worked extensively with college-aged students. I was the Music Director for UA’s TuneIn a cappella group, a new mixed choir which I founded freshman year. In 2019, I conducted in a masterclass with Dr. Ronald Staheli, Professor Emeritus BYU, who directed the famed BYU Singers for over 30 years, and who also wrote the book Masterful Choral Conducting. I am confident that my experience leading and teaching a wide variety of ensembles and classroom settings have prepared me well to work as a High School Director of Choral Activities. 

Choral Administration

In addition to my teaching and conducting experience, I have extensive and successful administrative experience to bring to this position. I held many organizational and administrative positions during my time at UA.

For UA’s chapter of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), I was the Treasurer from September 2018 – September 2019. When I was elected to the position, our organization had been frozen by UA for a considerable amount of time, meaning we could not access our organization’s bank account nor university funds. I worked closely with the chapter President and Vice President to reestablish our status with UA, and we were able to reinstate our chapter. Once unfrozen, it was discovered the bank account held a mere $86.

At that time, three chapter members were going to attend the National ACDA Conference, a costly endeavor for college students. Through numerous fundraisers and preparing a successful appeal to UA for funding, I enabled our chapter to cover all registration, transportation, and lodging for our Conference attendees. After these expenses, $525 still remained in the account.

I next served as UA ACDA President from September 2019 – December 2020. The organization grew rapidly under my leadership, and we would end up quintupling the number of Conference attendees to fifteen. Once again, through fundraisers and funding from UA, we were able to cover all expenses for our attending members.

For 2021, I have organized a UA ACDA Zoom discussion with well-known choral composer Elaine Hagenberg.

In early 2018, I submitted paperwork to UA, founding the university’s premier auditioned a cappella group TuneIn. This required me to write a constitution, recruit members, and file legal paperwork. Auditions were held, and soon TuneIn was hosting concerts and giving performances around Alabama. I served as President of the organization for the year 2018 before passing duties on to another member as I focused on directing the music. In March 2020, TuneIn performed at the Southern ACDA Regional Conference in Mobile, Alabama, during an a cappella showcase.

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials. I am confident that my diverse teaching and conducting background, passion and excitement for teaching and leadership, drive to create meaningful experiences, and unrelenting work ethic put me in a strong position for success.

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